Business Services: Data Recovery & Backup

stock-photo-18848773-computer-hard-drive-and-a-stethoscope.jpgThe most important, valuable, and irreplaceable part of any computer is usually the data that is stored on the hard drive. This includes the important data files, documents, invoices, pictures, files, music, saved e-mail messages, and other files that can be lost when a hard drive dies or malfunctions. Our technicians have extensive experience recovering data using specialized software and hardware. We can often recover data from malfunctioning hard drives (desktops and laptops), flash drives, camera memory cards, and other storage media.

Computer Pros can help you attain some peace of mind by setting up an automatic local and/or online-cloud backup system for your small business. Your important data is safely backed up on a regular basis so that any accidentally deleted files can be easily recovered or the whole system can be restored to a previous state. This can be helpful if your operating system becomes damaged, corrupt, or infected by a virus or spyware.

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