Business Services: Virus & Spyware Removal

stock-photo-16664672-stethoscope-on-keyboard.jpgYour small business cannot afford to be debilitated by a virus or spyware infection. Threats from infected files, websites, email attachments, links and other means have become a serious problem. They can literally disable your computers in an instant. Many computer systems are infected with malware (spyware, viruses, rootkits, …) without obvious symptoms. Often people complain that their computer has become slow – when starting, or launching programs, or just trying to do anything. This can often be caused by malware that has been installed without the user’s knowledge or consent. These malware infections generally slow down the system by eating up precious computer resources (in addition to potentially stealing passwords, credit card numbers or other evil intentions).

Computer Pros can install a combination of virus and spyware protection software to keep your computer safe from threats. Daily scans are generally programmed to run on an automatic schedule so that if any dangerous software has found its way onto your computer – the daily scans can find and eradicate viruses or spyware.

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