Computer Pros Client Testimonials

"The Computer Pros are great. For some mysterious reason my Quicken program simply disappeared from my computer. Unable to find it anyplace, I phoned tech support at Intuit and got a woman in India. Before they'd help me they had to get my credit card # so they could charge me for the phone call. About 15 minutes later, after we'd tried any number of things, the woman informed me that my program had simply disappeared. Well, I didn't believe it. So luckily I phoned Computer Pros. They came over and had Quicken back on my computer in about 2 minutes. However, they stayed for the rest of the hour, since I'd paid for an hour, and - to my delight - cleaned up my cluttered PC. They are knowledgeable (far more so than someone in India who could not see my computer), fast, thorough, and gave more than my money's worth. I am very impressed with their work, and they are also pleasant to work with. I recommend them enthusiastically."

Barbara B. – Author - Eugene, OR

"I called the Computer Pros because my computer was behaving strangely and restarting randomly. They fixed the problems and cleaned the viruses and spyware that had infested my computer. They also transferred my important files to a new computer, set up my Palm and secured my wireless network. I appreciated how they explained things in a way that was easy to understand. They were very responsive, efficient and personable. I recommend them highly."

Jim T. – Former Mayor of Eugene

"I have found Computer Pros to be able to explain the ins and outs of computers in very clear and understandable terms. Computer Pros respond very quickly to service calls and are very patient with computer dunderheads (like me). I highly recommend their services."

Kathryn T. – Lawyer, P.C. - Eugene, OR

"Sometimes computers get lucky when their owners do something really nice for them. My computer certainly thanked me profusely on the day I had the good fortune of searching and then being rescued by the Computer Pros. These dynamos efficiently and expertly processed my PC's problems while working in uncanny unison. It gets even better. In addition to solving the mysteries of malfunctions, they cleaned up "junk" and added all sorts of goodies. They even have the ability to link with your computer from their shop to address any concerns and provide critical maintenance. They anticipate your needs and find ways to help avoid future problems, thus saving you time and money. Plus, you just can't find nicer guys anywhere. They are highly personable and after a while, it felt like a friendship. There wasn't a hint of a condescending techie attitude, being rushed or having any concerns dismissed. On a tough problem, they persevere until it gets done right. If they can't figure it out on the spot, they will definitely persist until a solution is accomplished. I needed some very specialized equipment not generally available, and they even did a prolonged search for me, and found the perfect product options. In conclusion, the Computer Pros are the best anywhere. They get my very highest recommendation."

Marc B., M.D. - Eugene, OR

Ron of Computer Pros has provided in-home computer assistance to me since 2007. Ron can quickly diagnose the problem and recommend solutions in a concise manner, in easy-to-understand terminology. Everything I know about computers I learned from Ron. He is patient, punctual, knowledgeable and professional. He also provides remote assistance for problems that do not require an in-home visit.

Myrna D. - Eugene, OR

Thank you soooo  much for "updating" my computer.  It feels like it's brand new.  Like in your business name, you are a computer pro.

Cathy G. - Eugene, OR

"As a small company without an IT department, Computer Pros has been a great help in filling our technology gaps. They are very knowledgeable and intuitive of our technology needs, and are able to work efficiently and effectively with a limited budget. I also appreciate their friendly and reliable service, and how they use “plain English” to communicate very technical terms. I would recommend Computer Pros to any business or individual seeking computer consulting and/or technology services."

Julie W. – Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Emerald Valley Kitchen - Eugene, OR

"One Sunday afternoon, my desktop computer crashed just as I was finishing an expert report that was due in Texas the next day. Panicked, I scanned the Yellow Pages and put in a call to Computer Pros. They came to my house, fixed the computer, retrieved my manuscript, and installed some new software and gadgetry to reduce the chance of future emergencies. Ever since, I have depended on them to keep all three of my computers, and me, running as efficiently as possible."

Barbara A. – Professor of Law - Eugene, OR

"The Computer Pros have always been quick and thorough when they've worked on my home and business computers. They are very proficient and always follow up until all of the problems are fixed. They have also provided us with the support and tools to prevent them from happening again. The service and value they provide for my business is well worth the price."

Raquel R. – Owner, Burrito Boy - Eugene, OR

"Computer Pros' professionalism and service is outstanding. I have used this company several times for different issues and each of them gets addressed promptly. They are on time, offer software to prevent future disasters, friendly and always get the issues resolved the first time. This company is highly recommended!"

Janell B. – Owner, Pumpkinseed Originals - Eugene, OR

“As a small nonprofit with a limited technology budget we were concerned about hiring reliable professionals that would help us find creative and inexpensive solutions. Computer Pros understands our needs and our limitations. And while we aren't their biggest customer, they treat us as if we are. They have always responded to our requests for help quickly and they have been a joy to work with.”

Sandra D. – Education Director, Greenhill Humane Society, SPCA - Eugene, OR

"Computer Pros have been very professional and patient with us in figuring out and solving the multiple problems we’ve had with our wireless setup and computers. We appreciate their work and highly recommend their services."

Maurizio P. – Owner, Excelsior Inn - Eugene, OR

"Computer Pros connected and protected all of our computers, set up our data backups and helped us secure our wireless networks. They always respond immediately when we have questions, and go the extra mile to make sure that we are satisfied. Their skill and work ethic is exceptional."

Brad C. – Owner, Pacific Excavation, Inc. - Eugene, OR


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